Noise-BanTM Soft is made from medical grade silicone material, making it more comfortable to wear under tight fitting helmets.

Noise-BanTM Soft forms part of our Hearing Conservation Management Programme, allowing us to manage and control the effectiveness of the product, in each user’s ear.

For more information download the Noise-BanTM Soft Fact Sheet.






Noise-Ban Soft Features

  • Silicon Material

    Light-weight, comfortable, easy to clean and a great fit. Designed for maximum comfort – ideal for wearing under head tight-fitting headgear.

  • Custom-made

    Individual impression is taken of each user’s ear. Custom-made earpieces are more comfortable than conventional products and receives greater user acceptability.

  • Effectiveness tested

    Hearing screening or a leak tight test is done to ensure effective protection against noise.

  • Fixed filter

    Ensures adequate protection and allows for communication in noise. Different filters are available for different noise environments. No sense of isolation and the user’s directional hearing is not affected.

  • Certifications

    Locally and internationally tested an approved. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

    EN 352/2 Certificate: View here
    ISO 9001:2015 Certificate:
  • Effective Guarantee
    It is recommended that Noise-Ban Soft custom-made hearing protection devices should be monitored and serviced annually to guarantee the effectiveness of the product for another 12 months. Each of our custom-made ear protection devices carries a 3-month fitment guarantee against discomfort due to improper fit and a 1-year product effectiveness guarantee against defects in materials, workmanship and noise – effective from date of manufacture. *T&C’s Apply

Noise-Ban Soft Benefits for the Company

  • Cost effective
    More cost effective than disposable hearing protection.
  • Higher productivity
    Fits more comfortable and allows for communication without having to remove the earpiece. Effective protection against noise ensures that the user doesn’t become tired or distracted by noise.
  • On-site monitoring
    Minimum down-time as impressions, fitments, annual monitoring and any other services are done on-site, saving you time and money.
  • Individual training
    Each user is trained in the use and maintenance of the Noise-Ban Soft as well as the importance of protecting their hearing and the subsequent consequences of noise-induced hearing loss.
  • Database
    A history file is compiled of each user and stored in a database to manage the effectiveness of the product and the program over time. Records allow us to give feedback to management regarding the program and processes.

Noise-Ban Soft Benefits for the User

  • Maximum comfort
    Custom-made specifically to fit your ear. Comfortable, light-weight and easy to clean. Can fit under head protection gear.
  • Filter valve
    Depending on the environment; various filters for different noise-environments are available; to give optimum protection and communication.
  • Individual training
    You will receive individualized training on how to use and maintain your Noise-Ban Soft. You will also receive training on noise-induced hearing loss and how to protect your hearing effectively.
  • Remember
    Please notify your supervisor, immediately, if you experience any problems with your Noise-Ban Soft and for annual monitoring.