Custom Ear Protection

Custom Ear Protection Is the Best Defence Against the Risk of NIHL

Typically, it is only when our hearing starts to show the undeniable signs of deterioration that we begin to realise how dependent we are upon this remarkable ability to detect and interpret sounds. Nevertheless, hearing loss or deafness is a condition that has probably been around for as long as ears. We have long known that children may be born deaf, either as result of genetics, disease, or trauma, and that infections can also have this effect. However, until relatively recently, it would have been safe to say that ageing was the most common cause. Today, however, noise has become the leading cause of deafness, so custom hearing protection has never been more essential.


The Various Types of Earplugs and Their Possible Uses

Some items tend to have comic associations and among those that are often seen as a source of amusement are earplugs. These simple, commonplace devices are frequently encountered in cartoons depicting a woman, unable to enjoy a good night’s sleep because of her husband’s excessively loud snoring, or a man, seeking to escape from his spouses’ incessant nagging while attempting to enjoy a newspaper. In practice, however, they have a number of extremely useful applications of which one has become a matter of international concern.

Custom Ear Protection

Only Custom Ear Protection Provides an Effective Defence Against NIHL

There have probably been numerous occasions on which you have found it necessary to stick your fingers in your ears in order to mask the noise of some exceptionally loud activity. While this may work as the temporary fix required on such occasions, it is far from being a universal solution. For those who are constantly exposed to high levels of noise in their work environment, something that is both more practical and more effective is required and, for those at risk, the best possible solution will invariably be to wear some form of custom ear protection.